Funday Monday – 1 year PAL

52 weeks.

52 videos about animals, comedy, music, and cartoons.

52 (well almost!) posted on a Monday.

An idea. A brief moment. A brief moment of frustration. Then inspiration. This idea started because I was having a horrific Monday. I don’t even remember why it was so bad, but I’m glad the idea stuck. Hello FUNDAY MONDAY!!

So, what are some of my favorites?

  • Well, probably the first one, because I still can’t stop laughing at it.
  • Double Trouble – because who doesn’t love Simon’s Cats?
  • Do you remember the Jellybeans? I do!!
  • And all the videos with a cause.

Miss some over the past 52 weeks? Check them all out on the Funday Monday Page!

With that, I leave you with something that’s a true passion in our household – Pets! I was introduced to this campaign through Lauren Conrad’s blog. It spoke to me, and what better way to wrap up this Funday Monday year than with a special cause.

The campaign is Pets Add Life (PAL) campaign. Straight from their YouTube webpage: “Pets Add Life (PAL) is a non-profit PSA campaign dedicated to promoting the joys and benefits of responsible pet ownership. These videos are meant to demonstrate that pets enjoy the companionship of others in a light-hearted, fun and non-literal manner. We encourages you to research before introducing a new pet into the home to make sure it is an appropriate fit for existing pets and your family. The cat video in this series in no way depicts that it is ok for indoor cats to be let outside nor that it is ok to kill birds. We encourage cat owners to keep domestic cats inside for their safety and the safety of wildlife. More information and tips on introducing a new pet to the home and pet care can be found on”

So, since they have light-hearted, fun, and non-literal manner videos, I give you my two favorites!!



And that’s why we have three cats and three dogs – so they can keep each other company. I love all six of my furry pets and my two fish tanks.


Now, go out and adopt a pet!!

PS – thank you for all of the wonderful comments regarding Funday Monday. I will continue on with the tradition because we all need a little humor and fun in our life (especially on a Monday!)! 🙂


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