Listen, learn, and grow.

For the month of July, I had the privilege working with Marissa of on a wonderful opportunity called 12-12-12 Project. 12 months, 12 journeys and 12 lessons where she educates herself on other medical conditions and focusing on another person’s journey to help pull herself through her own condition. She chose me and I was honored to help out. Who could forgo the opportunity to share with others what arthritis IS and WHO it can affect.

In the month of July she took it upon herself to be educated about arthritis and wrote about her journey 9 different times. I’m proud to say that it has opened up her eyes, heart, and understanding for this awful disease, but more importantly, encouraged her to partake in her own journey. She got official permission to participate in her local Arthritis Foundation’s JingleBell Run/Walk. She will be working the next few months to walk a 5k. I think what touched my heart the most is that’s all she wants for Christmas – to walk! Something that most take for granted, but for those who struggle, understand completely how amazing this accomplishment is. I am so proud of her for taking the first step and I look forward to following and encouraging her along the way.

I have truly enjoyed working with Marissa because her kind heart, her bubbly personality, and cheerful gratitude made my bad day into one of the best one’s I’ve had in a long time. When we spoke she immediately cheered me up and I am forever grateful. I love how a good attitude is contagious and something we all could use more often in our lives.

Please, if you have a moment, listen to this wonderful Podcast she put together of our conversation about arthritis. If anything comes from listening to it, I hope you take away that we are all in this together.

Much Love,