Infusion Outfit Inspiration – Holding On

Even though I’m dreaming of tights, scarves, and heavier cardigans, I’m holding onto summer as long as possible.

In 8 days I’ll be out of town for work, for an Arthritis Foundation conference, and then finally some fun in the sun with my BFF. I’ll be gone for 10 days straight except for a day in the middle where I return home to re-pack and more importantly, to be with Mr. P.

There’s a lot to consider when traveling, especially as I’m most likely going to be carrying my luggage onto the plane. With my ankylosing spondylitis – I must pack light! What to pack is the challenge I face because I OVER pack.  I know I OVER pack because I spend most of my time inside hotel conference rooms where I freeze. Too many factors which lead to too many possibilities.

I’m trying to be conscious of what I choose by picking things I can layer, that coordinate/match, and are weather appropriate. After all, the AF conference is in Las Vegas and the temperature is over 100 degrees, but I know the conference room will be a chilly 74.

After the AF conference, I’m spending the weekend with my BFF! During the day, we plan on spending most of our time by the pool – relaxing, gossiping, and reading. At night, we’ll attend Cirque Du Soleil Mystére and I can’t wait. Now I’m just counting down the days.

This is an outfit I’m considering for my trip. Yes, I’ve already started my packing list. *sigh* I think this could be appropriate for the AF conference as well as the show. I’m definitely considering the blazer and the dress, for sure!

What do you think??

Much Love,