Little Lady Adventures

The trip to Lake George, NY feels like forever ago. It was actually two weeks ago, but whose really counting?

I love traveling. Something about it just really rejuvenates my soul. Maybe because new adventures lurk around the corner. The possibility of seeing, hearing, and feeling something new is so exciting to me. Its like riding a bike for the first time or trying a new food. Ahh, adventure – it touches deep down and sparks a passionate fire! I LOVE IT!!

For this trip, I don’t know if it was the water, a moment of relaxation, or just the fact it was some place new, but this was definitely one of my favorite places I’ve ever traveled too.


One of my favorite places on Lake George was the pier. We don’t have ‘piers’ in Colorado -umm, land lock state and high fire warning don’t exactly make it water friendly. Anyway, I finished a fantastic, delicious dinner with myself and noticed that a bunch of people were sitting on the pier. Just endless amount of seats, spectacular views, and a beautiful evening beckoning me. I grabbed my friends named courage, adventure and passion, and away we went.

If you’ve never had an adventure on your own before, I highly recommend it. If not for the some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, but for the pure joy that you’re creating a memory.



What’s your favorite part about traveling?


Until Next Time,

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