Update: 27 before 2013

Lately, I’ve been goal drive. Give me something and I’ll get it done. I LOVE when this feeling comes around. 🙂

With goals in mind, I recalled my new year resolutions. Remember those?? Oh ya, my last update was back in March. Well, let’s see how far I’ve come. HERE WE GO!!

1. Try a Detox.To be honest, still very nervous about trying one. I found a pretty organic one, but I really need to talk to my doctors about this before moving forward. Plus, I really just love food.

2. Go to bed early. More like 10:30pm not 11:30pm! HA HAH HA!!! No. This past week alone I’ve gone to bed around midnight. Thanks to doctor appointments all week that have lasted me 3.5 hours per appointment. BUT after about 10pm – I am completely relaxed and winding down, so that’s a plus.

3. Eat less chocolate. CHECK! I maybe have a piece of chocolate once a week. Mr. P and I have been on a wonderful, delightful, tasty eating frenzy that includes 90% of whatever we eat be vegetables and fruits. 10% everything else including meat, cheese, beans, and grains. Its working so far.

4. Return back to my healthy eating habits. Checked this one off officially back in March, but happy to report its still happening. 🙂

5. Go to Zumba. You betcha. If anyone follows me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I do!

6. Then, increase Zumba to 3 times a week. I finally got there and then went on my trips. Getting back into gear as of this afternoon. 🙂

7. Add Yoga to my schedule and go at least 2 times a week. I figured out a schedule, and trying really hard to make this a priority but those damn doctor appointments keep getting in the way.

8. Get a new haircut and style. This one has officially been checked off since the beginning of the year and I still love my style.

9. Wear my new contacts often! CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!YES!!! While I was away, I wore them every single day except for days I was going to be on an airplane. I have been able to maintain the consistency since I’ve returned. WAHOO!

10. Try new recipes and blog about them. Well, after clearing my head, I decided to blog about them whenever I felt like it. Lately, I’ve been really lucky. Mr. P has done all the cooking – and ahem – laundry too! I got myself a good man. 🙂

11. Try a new hair updo twice a month. Checked this one off a while ago, but I’ve really enjoyed trying the new styles from The Beauty Department and Luxy Hair.

12. Hem the dress that’s been sitting in my closet for 2 years! CHECKKKKKKKKK!!!! I asked my mom to help, who then asked my aunt to help because it was that kind of fabric. SO horrible to work with. She finally fixed and it looks awful on me. HORRIBLE. Well, we tried.

13. Find skirts at the thrift store and fix them to my style! I found them. Have I had time to fix them up??? NOooooOOOO!!

14. Find a dress at a thrift store and fix it to my style! Again found some. Even bought a pattern to make my own dress. Have I had time to make one? NOOOoooOOO!!

15. Wear more dresses. BUTTTTTTTTTT I have been wearing more dresses. SO – check for SUMMER, but we’ll hold off on confirming anything until the new season begins.

16. Finish the KITCHEN, for Peachy sake!! This Fall. Our temporary kitchen in the basement has been doing wonderfully, but the cabinets for the real kitchen took over my dining and living rooms. Oh well, it is what it is.

17. Organize the office. SO CLOSE!! I can’t wait to show you photos.

18. Put up more pictures around the house. Slowly, but surely I’m getting there. Check out the hooks Mr. P put up in the closet while I was at a scrapbooking party last weekend? Can I get a WHOOT WHOOT?! 🙂

19. Finish the credenza (woaps!). Remember this credenza from my birthday? Umm ya, WOAPS is right.

20. Raise at least $1500 for the Arthritis Walk. Unfortunately I didn’t meet this goal. So close, but couldn’t get there. But I am going to the Healing Hands for Arthritis Event on Wednesday, September 19th!

21. Add sponsorship to the blog. Check but no cash-in-hand. Some of the reviews I’ve done are because I’ve received product. No cash-in-hand.

22. Wear more lipstick. CHECK!!! I love the Bare Minerals lipstick because its 100% natural so I’m not putting anything horrible on or in my body. I’ve really strived to wear more and even set a reminder on my phone to reapply it.

23. Go on a vacation. Sort of. I’ve gone on some trips. 🙂 Working on this one – BIG TIME!

24. Complete at least 5 craft projects off of my Pinterest account. Well, I’ve created some hair up-dos, recipes, and sewed baby gifts (see pics below). SO CHECK!

25. Get a new smartphone. Done in January!

26. Take more photos! After seriously clearing my head of all the projects I had on my plate because I was completely overwhelmed, I decided to cut back and focus on the pictures I wanted to take. You can read about the why here.

27. Write about all of it. Well, I’m sharing now. That’s what counts – right?

Well, that’s it. 13 officially completed. 8 in progress, and 6 that need more focus. If I give myself 10 points for each completed resolution, 5 points for progress, and zero for, well, nothing, and its out of 270 points (27 x 10), then I’m at 170. That’s nearly 63% FINISHED!!


Do you remember your new years resolutions? How far have you come? Have you decided to quit altogether or get back on track? I’d love to know. 🙂

Much Love,