Funday Monday – Stop that DVR!

Last night, my husband and I were watching All American Handyman on HGTV (don’t judge as its an AWESOME show!) and as we were skipping through the commercials I SAW THE BEST THING EVER!!

“STOP THAT DVR!!!” I screamed. “Go back, GO BACK!”

Mr. P immediately stopped skipping the commercials and went back! A rarity in my household, but this, this called for celebration!!

What did I see and then immediately had goo-goo eyes over? THIS! THIS MY FRIENDS:



Pop open that glass of wine ladies and gentlemen. Get your appointment scheduled (they’re still taking appointments!!) and join the rest of us who are looking forward to our massages/facials this Wednesday!



Happy Monday all! 🙂

And for my fellow Denver Bronco Fans: Happy Monday Night Manning!!


Much Love,