Friday Favorites and Tomatoes

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week. In addition to being super busy this week with extra-circular activities – Women and Wine Meet-up and Healing Hands for Arthritis – I’ve had the delight pleasure of fighting a massive, continuous sinus headache along with my favorite stomach problems. Let’s just say it hasn’t exactly been my week. BLEK!

In other news, I just ATE 2 CHERRY TOMATOES!! It’s been 20 years people. I had a huge dislike to the texture, taste, and overall grossness about it since I was eight. Today, I enjoyed it and didn’t gag! Next up: E.T. and maybe a cartwheel. What’s one thing you haven’t done because of a childhood fear?


Much Love,


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites and Tomatoes

  1. I don’t hide in window wells anymore but that might just be prudent. I like your autumn leaf outfit. I have a friend with AS who just got amrried. I should tell her about your blog



  2. As a child I was terrified of needles. Now, even with an invisible illness that keeps me in the doctor’s office a lot, every time a needle comes out, so do the tears. I’m a big baby.

    I also used to be afraid of roller coasters. My husband taught me that I actually love them, especially fast ones – I just don’t like ones that make you feel like you’re falling.

    Also, SLEEPYTIME TEA IS THE BEST THING EVER OF ALL TIME. My mummy would give me some when I couldn’t sleep and it’d put me right out.

    I love the arthritis app too! Wish they had one for endo. My doc’s told me for years that I can figure out what foods and activities trigger pain, but it’s so hard to try and track I’ve never been able to draw any conclusions of my own. I’ll have to talk to my app making friend, see if he can make that happen for me…. 😉 And also get a medical degree, lol.


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