Funday Monday – Vet Visit

Stop the presses! New Puppyville lab story…

The squirrel invasion in the back yard has been thwarted and we are safe again. Unfortunately the process involved minor surgery and 8 stitches for Mizar. Deadly killer squirrels? No… just a thorn that inconveniently got in the way.

If we bring in all three as a “GROUP” we get a discount and conveniently enough, all were due for their shots anyway, so it landed us an afternoon at the vet.  To laugh or cry…that’s still the debate going on.

I decided to take Phoenix and Cent home after their shots and let Mizar have his procedure in peace. I loaded up the car with all of my junk, Cent, and Phoenix. I returned back inside the vet to give Mr. P something. As I was walking outside the vet, Cent did something like this…


“COME ON MOM!! LET’S GO!!” Was the look on Cent’s face. If only I had my iPhone with me at that time.


Much Love,