Remember my high tolerance for pain, the BIG FALL, admitting that I had a hip problem, that MRIs are like space shuttles, a diagnosis, my minor surgery I went through to try and get this fixed, then regrettably ran a 5k, and finally admitting that the pain hasn’t disappeared?

WELL…This is the post to end this LONG journey!!

I’m pleased to tell you that my HIP IS OFFICIALLY FIXED!! It’s taken 2.5 years, over 50 X-rays, 2 MRI appointments, multiple doctor visits to Dr. Rheumy and Dr. Orthy, 1 cortisone surgery, and 15 physical therapy appointments to finally get there.

Now, it may be fixed, but I’m definitely not jumping into high heels, well, maybe just my cute 1 inch heels!!

What fixed it? My physical therapy appointments. 🙂 My PT therapist found out it was a slight alignment issue that triggered this terrible pain. We worked countless weeks on strengthening my core and back to prevent any potential future slips with my alignment. Not only did I go to the PT office once a week, I also did Pool Therapy as well.

I honestly didn’t think pool therapy was going to do anything, especially as I only did minor things in the pool like walking across the pool multiple times, waving my legs, and flutter kicking, but man, was I exhausted. But it worked!! IF YOU HAVE NOT TRIED WARM POOL THERAPY, its AWESOME!! I’ve been seriously looking for aquatic classes (that fit with my schedule) since it was that successful!

Now, in order for PT to work at its best, I did my homework. I took my exercises very seriously and did them constantly. To be honest, I STILL do those strength training lessons three times a week to improve upon my core and back muscles to ease the pain of my arthritis. And its working. 🙂

What did I finally learn after all of this? I personally will go to a PT first – even if a doctor tells me it wont help that much because I’m pretty flexible and I work out 3 times a week. STUPID DOCTORS. SILLY ME!

Anyway, I thought I’d end this horrible journey by sharing this wonderful story that my hip pain is GONE!!! If you’re having constant pain, ask your doctor if physical therapy and/or pool therapy/exercises is right for you. You just never know!!

Do you have a success story with PT?

Much Love,


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  1. That’s great to hear ! Weight loss has reduced some of my hip pain, interesting to hear about alinement mmmm don’t who I would see about that for me ! I do aqua arobics I love it ! And their is a aqua Zumba class at my local fitness centre which I try to get to when I can but its very late at night ! Glad to hear your in less pain, pain sucks eve for us stoic girls ! When I flare up and pubis, coxis & both hips are make me a 7 face well more like 9+ sucks so wish I could take the hip pain out of the pain loop too ! Well still have 3st still to go so hears for weight loss bing answer!
    Btw I’m totally the same about meds need to feel some of the pain other wise I’m silly and push myself much !


    • Thanks Purple Warrieress for the lovely comment. A friend recommended an aqua Zumba class since I love it so much but haven’t been able to find a class in my neighborhood. One day, I hope! 🙂 Hope you’re pain free soon. 🙂


  2. Hi! I love the hot pool at National Jewish. The classes are very affordable and you can go to as many as you want for $40 a month. I was definitely the youngest person there but it really helped my AS. I can’t wait to get back in the pool (I just had twins, so my schedule is pretty crazy!)


    • Thanks for the info on National Jewish! I’ll have to look into it, albeit my budget is VERY VERY tight at the moment to where $40 is pretty steep for a monthly membership. I’m not only frugal, but I also have a ton of co-pays I have to pay and PAY OFF! Thanks again for your lovely comments and inspiration. 🙂


  3. Glad to hear that your hip is better!! YEAH!!!! See if any of the warm water pools in your area offer Water Arthritis Classes. Call your local AF office and they can let you know if any of the pools in your area offer the Arthritis Foundation sponsored classes. 🙂


  4. It’s good to hear your hip is ok now. Over hear in the UK I attended physio and did core excercises and joint protection ones too. It is simmilar to pilates. The exercises totally work!I was quite shocked but now do them regularly. Also the warm hydro pool is excellent.
    Take care
    Lorna x


    • One of the exercises for my PT was Pilates! They had an amazing machine that felt like I was rowing. Honestly, it didn’t feel like I was doing anything until about an hour later. WOW! I only wish my local gym provided that same equipment. I’d be on it every day considering how amazing I felt. 🙂


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