Life Lately – Friday Favorites

Over the weekend, I was catching up on some much needed blog reading and saw that Delightfully Tacky did one of these “Life Lately” posts. I’ve never done one of these before, well except for the random survey I did way back when. So, I thought I’d give an update on my Life Lately with my Friday Favorites. 🙂

Watching…The TV show Scandal and Revenge. Any of you fans?

Reading…Last month, as I was waiting for some other fellow volunteers to join our first Denver Arthritis Walk committee meeting, two fellow volunteers mentioned a book they were reading for book club. I thought I’d give it a shot and I LOVE IT!! I highly recommend reading What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. I downloaded it onto my Kindle from the library and I’m almost done; that never happens.

Frustrated with…My extremely tight budget. Although we’ve recently paid off Mizar’s surgery (HOORAY!), we’re now keeping expenses tight to pay off all the doctor co-pays I’ve incurred; mostly my unexpected PT appointments. Well worth it, but definitely TIGHT!

Loving…This weather in Colorado. Just brisk enough to feel the chill and it smells like fall.

Anticipating…WINTER. When winter hits, we will work on the upstairs kitchen. Although we are on track to finish by end of 2012, I’m ready to just start.

Working on…My Halloween costume. I’m almost done and I’m going to share it on Infusion Outfit Inspiration Day. Why? Because I have my Infusion ON HALLOWEEN. Perfect!

Highlands Cork and Cafe // Baby Bench // Nature Loves You/ / Fall Day // Mr. P cooking 3 soups at once // This pic started a party on Facebook

  1. Favorite Find: The Perfect Palette Pinterest Account
  2. Need a costume idea? Try Cupcake Mania!
  3. I want this cook book!!
  4. Ruffles and a big pretty bow? Yes, please!
  5. “Know that you always deserve to feel good and that that can happen by taking good care of yourself.” said by Kristen Bell. Read the rest of her interview here.

What are YOU working on?

Much Love,


2 thoughts on “Life Lately – Friday Favorites

  1. Watching Once Upon a Time and Revenge only Nothing else is worth watching.
    Reading Madyln Alt Series and season of the Witch about the history of San Francisco. Loving the Book The History of the Mormon Bible learning about our next President and these wonderful people. Frustrated with my budget to. and being in Chronic Pain constantly but having no insurance for any treatment. Anticipating Winter. I am a renter on someone else property so its the only time of year I have privacy and quiet. Loving the weather, unpacking winter wear from storage and working on my Bacholor Degree at night after work


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