Infusion Outfit Inspiration – REMICADE GIRL!

HERE IT IS!!! The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Well, at least for the past 6 months since I wrote about it in this post.

Ladies and Gents, I bring you Remicade Girl and her trusty IV!!

As you can see, that is definitely not Mr. P. HA HA! Its my best friend Kash who I met back in 2003 in an activity I participated in and absolutely loved – Winter Guard. She’s truly an amazing person, especially since she’s wearing a dry cleaner plastic bag…in public!

So what does the costume include? 12 Remicade Patient Medication Guides attached by paper clips and hot glued to black ribbon.

The IV tubing is from my mother’s sleep machine. She ordered extra when I told her of my costume idea. In order for this work, I cut off the nose piece, hot glued the ends to stay shut to contain the fabulous BLUE coloring. Why blue? In support of arthritis, of course!

The bottles wrapped around my waste? Oh, those are just SOME of the vitamins I take on a daily basis.

The IV pole? An old Color/Winter Guard flag pole.

I kept my promise! I made a costume in support of arthritis awareness and people were FORCED to ask the question “What are you?”. Maybe I forced arthritis awareness down their throat, but IT WAS AWESOME to share the details. I think what truly shocked them was how large the Patient Medication Guide was and how small of print. I have enough left over that I think I should start passing them out like candy.  Here kid, Happy Halloween! Just kidding…maybe. 😉

Here are a few other pictures to capture the night…

This picture cracked me up:

Oh, the true realities of managing the logistics of going to the bathroom with a damn IV attached to you.

Now this one, this one reminds me of Christmas…


Rat juice, anyone? ANYONE?? Well those taking Remicade appreciate a good rat. After all, that’s how its MADE. Am I grossing you out yet?

and of course, its tradition around here to get a picture of Mr. P and I in our costumes together…

He went as a “Hello My Name Is’” label. He’s so cute.

Although these pictures were taken at a Halloween Party this past Saturday, I did go to work like this, just without my IV Bag. I’ll definitely keep you posted as to how the Infusion nurses react to this get-up when I go in for my infusion in a few hours. HA HA!

Well, that’s it for my Halloween Costume. MAYBE REMICADE SHOULD SPONSOR ME?!?! HA HA HA HA HA!! I may have to keep it and wear it around the Denver Arthritis Walk and maybe even wear it to this year’s Jingle Bell Run/Walk.  Maybe I’ll become the poster child adult for Arthritis and/or Remicade; kind of like the Barrel Man for the Broncos, but for a well deserved reason.

Did you dress up for Halloween? Just to a party or to work as well? I’d love to know. 🙂

Much Love,


6 thoughts on “Infusion Outfit Inspiration – REMICADE GIRL!

  1. Hahahaha this is awesome. Except the part about using the bathroom while attached to an IV – that SUCKS. 😉

    I went as Darth Maullie, Darth Maul’s cute sister. I also stayed home sick on Halloween, so I dressed up the Friday after Halloween because I REFUSE TO MISS HALLOWEEN. The guys at work were entertained.



    • I loved your Halloween costume. I’m so proud that you wore despite it not being Halloween. I was the only one in my office WHO WORE A COSTUME on Halloween. Oh well, I love it so much. 🙂


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