Funday Monday – Pig and a Goat

Well, this post didn’t go live yesterday. Something went really wrong!! So, here it is, today…on a Tuesday. LOL!

Originally, for this  Funday Monday, I was going to poke fun at all the political drama…EQUALLY!! After all, that is the hot topic going on in the USA (IF YOU HAVEN’T FIGURED IT OUT!!), and we all could use a little more SENSE OF HUMOR with it. Especially with BOTH SIDES!!

But then, I got all caught up in my head that I might offend someone by posting it. I really don’t want to offend you.


Instead, if you get furry, fluffy animals.

CUTE ANIMALS, I will add.


Much Love,

AT YOUR OWN RISK: If your not easily offended and want to see the two videos I was thinking of posting, you can go here and here. Just understand that this is at your own risk and please, PLEASE don’t post anything politically nasty on my blog. OKAY?


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