Friday Favorites – Cozy

Hi All!!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week; I’m traveling for business. I left on Wednesday for Pittsburgh and I travel later tonight to head back home.

For today’s Friday Favorites, I unconsciously picked cozy items. I think I’m ready for the upcoming holidays or I just really miss home.

Nonetheless…I’ll keep this short and sweet.


Much Love,


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Cozy

  1. I’m not going to be able to sleep without dreaming of those hot cocoa dips…. I need to make them LIKE RIGHT NOW.

    Anyway…I hope I’m not annoying you! But I think my email didn’t go through or maybe ended up in spam? Anywho! I wanted to pay forward some kindness done to me, and I was wondering if I could get your mailing address? My email is 🙂


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