Friday Favorites – The First 13!

Happy New Year!! Happy 2013!! Happy Friday!

I know I’ve taken a mini hiatus on the blog and I truly appreciate your understanding with this. I certainly did not mean to do so, but today is probably the first day where I’ve felt halfway human again!

Let’s start this year off right with a Friday Favorite, shall we? I think 13 favorites for 2013 is appropriate, don’t you?


  1. I absolutely love this idea that I can’t believe I haven’t come across it before now!
  2. I need to get rid of my ribbon bucket and create this idea.
  3. This is a very cute idea for the bookworm in your life.
  4. I’d love to have this in my home. If anything, just for the chalkboard wall!
  5. I thought this was a cute idea for a family portrait.
  6. Even though this article is related for those who live in small spaces, I felt it was applicable to those living in larger areas too.
  7. In case of emergency, break the glass. Guys, you’ll want to give this to your girlfriend/wife!
  8. Teach your kids how to tie their shoelaces this way.
  9. A tooth fairy receipt? You bet!
  10. This was a duh moment for me!
  11. Cute idea for birthday parties! Freeze ice cream in a 9×13 pan and then use cookie cutters to create the perfect portions.
  12. Forget writing a journal on vacation. Do this idea instead!
  13. Next Christmas, I’m doing this as a place setting.


Happy New Year!!


Much Love,