Funday Monday – Icecapade

I’m seriously sorry for the lack of posts. I’m alive, really I am, but I’m more of a zombie.

I go to work, I work, I get home, I cook, I watch internet TV or read, and go to bed. That’s all the energy I have these days, so I’m trying not to push myself past my limit unless its 100000000% required of me.

Regardless, I’m alive, but insanely frozen. Anyone else think this winter is much colder than last? I hate dealing with significant temperature drops, but Simon’s Cat always knows exactly what to say to make it all better.


Not much else is going on in my life. I’m pretty boring. HA HA!

Anyone reading any good books? I’m almost done reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. You guys should check it out if you enjoyed Hunger Games. Apparently its another trilogy set and the third book should be coming out this summer, but so far I really like it. What books have you enjoyed?

I also found a new love. I am in LOVE with vanilla wafers and Nutella. If you love those two items, you have to check it out!!!

I guess new book, new flavors, new town. I guess I’m not that boring after all. What’s new in your life?

Much Love,


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