The Minuteman Trail

Just over a week ago, a friend and I went on a walk. To be exact, we walked The Minuteman Trail. With my pedometer, backpack full of necessities (ankle brace, Tylenol, eye drops – what can I say, I’m prepared for any arthritis issue!), and my water bottle, we took off.


Now this is a fixer-upper! HA! 😉

IMG_3985The Minuteman Trail is where the American Revolution started. In 1775, discontent was brewing in the American colony under the British rule. On April 19 of that year, British General Gage ordered an expedition to confiscate weapons hidden by the local militia, the “Minutemen”, under the command of Samuel Adams and John Hancock. Paul Revere completed his famous “midnight ride” on this trail to warn the patriots in Lexington, carrying word of the British troops’ departure from Boston and imminent arrival.

When the British arrived in the area the militiamen were ready. The first shot of the Revolution was fired on the Lexington green. In the ensuing confusion, eight revolutionaries were killed. By the time the British reached Concord to carry out their search mission, patriots in the area where ready to harass them. From that moment, British troops and patriots exchanged fire all along this road as the British retreated to Boston. The rest is history.*



We stopped and had brunch at the Main Streets Market and Cafe in Concord, MA. The breakfast burrito was amazing, but so filling!


You don’t get this kind of history out West…


and then a quick trip to Lexington, MA…



and because I love shoes and cupcakes…

IMG_3993 IMG_4012

I still can’t believe I live here. I can’t believe the sky is so blue and there’s still so much to explore. Yay! 10 walking miles down…a million more to go!


Much Love,