The Studio Empower

On Tuesday, April 30th I was invited to try a private fitness class on Lagree Fitness. You all know me, I can’t turn down an invitation, especially when it has to do with exercise! But a private class? I jumped at the opportunity, especially when I learned that the founder of the method, Sebastien Lagree, would be teaching the class.


What sold me the most was the fact that the method was low-impact, easy on the joints while being highly effective for toning and weight loss. I’ve always struggled with toning and weights. Something about standing around a room with these weights heavier and bigger than me doesn’t really scream “pick me up, you’ll feel good”, so I was definitely intrigued to see how this fitness method worked.


I was really nervous, but when I arrived at The Studio Empower, I was immediately greeted. I met Katelyn and Kimberly, two lovely sisters who fell in love with the method and decided to open a studio.

I looked around the studio and was a little intimidated by the machines, but when I took a closer look, it reminded me a lot of the machines I saw at physical therapy.


OK. I can do this!

Sebastien immediately asked where my arthritis problems were and I was honest. I have issues with my back and hips. No problem at all, he said. This is very low-impact and will help open up your joints.

Boy was he right!! He focused the class on deep stretching, which opened up my hip flexors and lower back. I got the resistance from my own body, so it was nice it wasn’t extra strenuous.

I got sweaty, the class went by quickly, and I didn’t feel exhausted afterwards. It was the perfect amount for me.

The Studio Empower is the first in the world to have the new Megaformer M3s, which is the latest machine from Lagree.

Thanks to the workout itself and usage of the Megaformer M3 machines I was sore enough for a couple of days, but not overly sore where I would never want to do it again.

I will definitely check out the other classes with the other instructors and see what there technique is all about!

Panaramic View of Studio

If you have arthritis and are looking for the next low-impact thing, definitely ask your doctor about Lagree Fitness and find your nearest studio. If you’re in the Newton (Greater Boston) Area, definitely check out The Studio Empower and be sure to say hi to Katelyn and Kimberly. They are AWESOME!

Much Love,