MIA in the month of May

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your love, your kind words, thoughts and prayers the last few weeks. As you may know, the month of May is my busiest month of the year. Busier than the holiday season!

What with kicking off the month with my birthday, then my anniversary, mother’s day, a week off for vacation – which included a trip back to Denver just to pack up the house, my sister’s college graduation, the Denver Arthritis Walk, and then wrap it up with Memorial Day weekend, phew. No wonder I’m tired.

However, I promise I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. My focus for the next two weeks is to find a house. I want Mr. P back!! It’s so weird being apart from him, but it’s nice this isn’t our first long distance relationship. I miss playing with my dogs and snuggling with my cats.

Anyway, that’s a little bit about what’s been happening in my life over the past month. I hope to provide a proper update within the next week. Especially since every aspect truly does deserve a little more attention.

Much Love,


One thought on “MIA in the month of May

  1. I’m looking for a house too! I did almost the same thing as you at the same time – though our “long distance” relationship was just a few cities away. My Dish is with me now, but we’re not feeling very….relationship-y…. living with my parents! But he could tell you, I talk about you all the time. Peachy did this and Peachy said that and look at me, I’m just like Peachy! 😛 It’s nice to not be alone.


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