The Alphabet

Last night I decided to put my chick-flick movie marathon away and catch up on my BlogLovin subscriptions (honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up. It’s like that email address you ignore because you decided to make it your “subscription email”) when I came across Melissa’s blog post.

Apparently people who are tagged are the ones who are suppose to play along, but I definitely wasn’t tagged and I don’t care. I’m playing anyway. What the hell, right? I did one of these over a year ago! Every time I fill one of these out, it reminds me of high school when you filled it out, sent it to your girlfriends, and prayed you didn’t get the ultimate curse.

Now, I tagged 5 people to do the same but no pressure. If you don’t feel like participating it’s fine, it’s just that I heard if you break the chain you’ll end up with bad breath for like 5 years or something. 😉

Oh, and before we get started. Let’s get in a cat picture.


The Alphabet Meme:

A: Attached or Single – Married but in a long distance relationship. Again.

B: Best friend – Sam and Ashley. No doubt in my mind.

C: Cake or pie – Cupcakes. I even mention it in my brief bio on the blog.

D: Day of choice – Friday. I seem to have plans on Fridays’.

E: Essential item – Wine. A good glass of wine can bring strangers together, develop friendship, create amazing conversations, and solve a bad day.

F: Favorite color – Pink and Peach. But of course!

G: Gummy bears or worms – Gummy bears. There was a sale about 6 weeks ago. I ate all of them and thoroughly enjoyed it.

H: Hometown – Lakewood, Colorado. Not only do I have some fantastic memories there, but after college I decided to move back. A place near and dear to me, for sure.

I: Favorite indulgence- Wine. Obviously if it was my essential item. HA HA! I also love me some ice cream.

J: January or July – July. So much more to do!

K: Kids – Do fur-babies count? Honestly, I think I have enough on my plate with the move before KIDS come into the picture, mmmkay??

L: Life isn’t complete without… –  Wine. HA HA HA!! I joke. My husband. The Mr. P. That’s probably why I feel so lost. cue the “awwws”

M: Marriage date – May 11. 6 years ago. You do the math. 😉

N: Number of handbags – I think about a dozen. I’m not a big “purse” girl. Shoes, yes. Purse, no.

O: Oranges or apples – Oranges. Nothing like biting into a fresh orange. It just screams summer.

P: Phobias – hmm, cockroaches.

Q: Quotes – “Some cute little girls grow up to be cute big girls. To everyone who meets you, it is evident that cute little girls can grow up to be strong and wonderful women. (And still be cute.)” ~ Maya Angelou

R: Reason to smile – in-window A/C unit. with a remote.

S: Season of choice – Spring. I love the flowers.

T: Tag 5 people – Elizabeth, Rachel, The Joken Chronicles, Amanda, & Carrie.

U: Unknown fact about me – I found a few grey hairs this past week. Awesome feeling when you look 16, your body feels about 67, and in reality you are actually 29.

V: Vegetable – my new love: Cherry Tomato.

W: Worst habit – I bite my nails when I’m stressed.

X: X-ray or ultrasound – doesn’t matter. I get both of them often.

Y: Your favorite food – Sushi.

Z: Zodiac sign – Taurus. Stubborn and stoic as all hell. 😉


and if your comment box recently exploded, sorry about that.  I just hope you felt the love.

Happy Friday,


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