A letter to my future house

Dear Perfect Little New England House,

You’re out there some where and I know you will be absolutely perfect when I find you.

I’ve been looking for you since February and we’re anxiously awaiting your arrival. Our three black labs are eager to play in your backyard. The three cats, although scared of moving, will love your windows that will warm their little souls. Mr. P can’t wait to brew his favorite cup of tea and I can’t wait to host parties in your living room.

I embrace the day when we can light a fire in your fireplace knowing that you are protecting us from the cold. I anticipate the day when I can feel your carpet and hardwood floors beneath my toes when it’s to hot to move.

I look forward to coming home, pulling up to your drive way, and parking my car in your garage. I can’t wait to tackle some new recipes, pull out my favorite sewing machine, and dance in your living room. Yes, there will be a dance party – maybe by myself – maybe with friends – but it will happen!

I will bring you flowers from our garden and share the tomato aroma with you. You will be like a big warm hug from a long lost friend who is there to comfort, protect, and cherish our little family.

In our eyes you will be perfect, even if you don’t have the all of the bells and whistles…or even dry wall. Rather than seeing scary images, all we see are the possibilities – possibilities that our little family can give you. We’ll fix you up right. We’ll add a new kitchen which will include new handles and countertops. I’ll give you a good coat of paint that will make you feel brand new. I’ll add my delightful wardrobe, introduce you to my shoe collection, and take baths when the pain of my arthritis is just too unbearable.

You WILL take any and all stress away from me. I look forward to the day that I sit at the dining room table to write blog posts. I will treasure the day when I’m sitting on my couch going through our family photos looking back at our adventures in New England, knowing that you started it all.

It’s time. It’s time for you to appear.  I know you are out there, waiting patiently. However, a little blink of your broken shutters, a little tap on the butt as we shut the door behind us, or even a little smoke signal from your chimney would be appreciative.

We anxiously await you, my Perfect Little New England Home and we can’t wait to get started.

Much Love,


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