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They say moving isn’t easy. They also say being in a long distance relationship isn’t easy.

Believe me, I understand that.

However, no one ever talks about the inanimate objects they would miss. Well, I miss my inanimate objects. I know you’re not supposed to miss inanimate objects but I do. It’s been 7 months and these are the things I miss:

  1. My Tempur-pedic bed. I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress for the past 7 months and although I’m appreciative that I’ve been able to survive that long on an air mattress, I’m pretty over it.
  2. My car. I REALLY REALLY miss my car. Although I do have to admit I haven’t had any hip pain since I stopped driving my car, but I do miss the freedom my car brings. That sense of adventure and the open wide road.
  3. My food processor. I got one in December for Christmas and never got to use it. Of course I have this knack of finding recipes that require a food processor.
  4. My jewelry. I’m getting pretty sick of wearing the limited amount of jewelry I brought with me. I really miss my other rings, my long pearl necklaces, and the ability to layer my jewelry.
  5. My purses. Although I’m not really a purse girl, there are a few I miss.
  6. Game nights. I miss Puerto Rico and Settlers of Catan.
  7. My bedside lamp. My lamp right now is the little light that’s comes with the laptop. HA!
  8. My kitchen table. Right now I live in a place where there isn’t a kitchen table and I miss decorating mine.
  9. My favorite wine glass. I got a set of four when I turned 21 from my former roommate. I only have one left and no one is allowed to drink out of it. That way if it breaks, I can only be mad at myself. It has this beautiful hand-painted flower detail on it. Every time I take a sip, I’m instantly at ease.
  10. A bathtub. It’s a little weird to take a bath when living with three other guys – and neither of them are your husband. AWKWARD!
  11. Walks with the dogs. I love seeing their tail wag and the excitement in their faces when they smell something new.
  12. An-all-at-once-kitty-cuddle. I’ve stayed away from humane societies and pet stores for this very reason. Knowing me I’d end up with another cat.
  13. A hug from Mr. P. After a frustrating day there’s really nothing better I’d really like than a hug from my own husband. He truly does give the best hugs – EVER.
  14. My TV. I miss my 42 inch TV. Watching TV on my computer screen – pretty over it. Plus – I’d really like to watch the Broncos on a TV.
  15. And then comes my couch. I have some awesome comfy couches if I do say so myself.
  16. My wall art. I have a favorite piece that I enjoyed looking at every day. Even if I never bothered to hang it up.
  17. Making Mr. P a cup of tea just to see that smile on his face.
  18. My washing machine. I have an amazing washing machine and an amazing man who does laundry.
  19. My sewing machine!!! I love making my own clothes and gifts for other people.
  20. My Wii. I miss Zumba and if that’s how I can get my fix I definitely miss it.

Well, I feel very foolish and self absorbed writing this post, however I thought I’d speak the truth. It’s amazing how creature comforts just make you feel at ease. They add to your certainty and yet we usually take these things for granted.



Also, please don’t take this little rant as a sign of weakness or doubt of my decision. I am very, very happy here. I just want Mr. P, my six pack of furries, and all of my inanimate objects to experience the blessings I have by being in the New England area with me.

What inanimate object could you live without? What inanimate object could you not live without?

Much Love,


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One thought on “inanimate objects

  1. haha! love that comic!

    Probably my favorite necklace (lock with a heart in which I have a picture) AND my blender 🙂

    I like your blog! Keep it up 🙂
    xx Taty*

    p.s. I saw that you are moving soon (or did you already move?). As I am currently doing interviews with young people like me that need to make their “first decisions” (e.g. pick an university, find a job, decide what to do with life….) I was wondering if you would like to contribute… Here is more information! I Would love to hear back from you!


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