Illegal Moves

After the last house, we moved onto the second.  You see, Mr. P and I have a methodical process with this house search. We have a shared Google Spreadsheet that has every house we’re interested in as well as every house we’ve seen – since February. It includes address, description, square footage, etc. We have another tab in the same spreadsheet that has our preference listed by rank. We analyzed each one carefully determining which one was going to be our next home.

So after the last catastrophe we moved onto house #2, put in our offer and waited. We waited to only find out that someone went in higher than ours but not at the full price. Now, with short sales you can only offer up to full price – nothing more. So instead of fighting over a few thousand dollars (and to deal with my heart break), we decided to go in full price.

Heh. Well….

The selling agent decided, and continues to make the decision, to not put in our FULL offer. WHICH IS ILLEGAL! If a better offer presents itself, as an agent you have an obligation to present it to all parties. In this case, with a short sale, it’s the seller, the bank, and the government. Well, he put the offer in front of the seller, and they obviously took the offer – a full offer. However, he has YET to put our offer in front of the bank.

Mr. P talked to lawyers, other realtors, the Massachusetts realty board, and the selling bank (the selling bank…not our bank!) to find out if we’ve seriously lost the plot. We haven’t. This guy is seriously doing this illegally and at the moment there’s nothing we can do about it.


Of all the realtors, of all the times, of all the stress and pressure we are under to move to the New England area – we find the one who is unethical. The one who doesn’t understand that he can pull the other offer and present ours because ours is full price.

Over the course of the last 10 days, we’ve extended our offer 4 times hoping that our offer would go through. If the other offer goes through, we can do something about it. If our offer goes through, we get the house. Right now we are in a holding pattern.

So, why stay with the house if it’s causing so much pain? Well, options are very limited and those that are worthy, it turns into a lions den. A lions den with a bunch of hungry lions trying to eat a peanut.

Personally, I’d rather not be in that lion’s den and we’d rather find the house that’s the diamond in the rough.  Believe me, if we’re considering short sales as top options, it should give you an idea that we’re not that picky!

So, we’re in this holding pattern. All entirely because some A-hole decided not to do the right thing.

So, Mr. P and I are putting our best foot forward and decided to keep searching. Although we currently have an offer on this particular house, it doesn’t stop us from at least updating our current list with new possibilities; because if you can believe it already – there are other nut jobs out there who like diamond in the rough houses and our list is now outdated.

So, at this point we will take prayers, hope, love, support, and faith to guide us through this agony they call house hunting.

With that said, I’m off to see my therapist buy another pair of shoes.

Much Love,


3 thoughts on “Illegal Moves

  1. That is really awful, but you’re lucky in a lot of ways. When we began our house hunt, our realtor was very up front with us when we told her the neighborhood we were looking in. When a house goes up for sale here, it’s usually bought within TWO DAYS. TWO. DAYS. So when we look at a house, there’s a lot of pressure. Really there’s no looking, just are we buying this or not? AHH.


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