I’m Back!

Well, to say things have been a little crazy around here would be an understatement, so I thought I’d give you a brief update on everything going on in Peachyland.

The Big Move – we moved!! It was crazy, chaotic, and oh so stressful. I was about ready to rip all of my hair out and sell everything that I own. I closed on Tuesday, September 24th and that following morning I flew to Denver where I was immediately greeted with a big bear hug and a roll of tape.

Packing – I hate packing. I couldn’t believe how much stuff we’ve accumulated as a couple over the last 6.5 years. I am forever grateful for the spectacular friends we had who helped us pack and move. There aren’t enough words to express how thankful I am to Daphne who was my shoulder when I needed a good cry and the best friend I needed when we had so many more boxes to go at 2am. For Bill who helped Mr. P carry all of the heavy items and his level of patience it took to deal with my husband’s extreme detail for adding each item precisely. For Kyler, who is an amazing 15-almost-16-year old kid who turned down his friends to help us move. For Patience, her ability to be so patient and gracious during our time of need when her study-time was affected was impeccable; we are forever grateful so thank you for your flexibility! For my sweet little Lyssie, for always putting a smile on our faces when we were all about ready to scream, for always wanting to help tape that last box, and for being such a wise 7 year old. For my husband, who was willing to stick by me when I threatened to divorce and sell everything because I was at my wits end. For understanding that I have a bit of tendency to take things too personally and run out of patience when I’m hungry and extremely tired.

Cross Country Road Trip – 2,000 miles and we completed it in 4 days. A huge success given that we had three black labs and a small cooler full of fish in the back of our 2006 Honda Accord. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we survived without losing our minds and the dogs.

Health – many people have questioned why I would move across the country for a job. Well, my answer to you it isn’t just a job to me, but the real purpose is because I saw an improvement in my health.  Yup, my health. In the last 10 months, I realized I was allergic to Colorado and my sinus issues were mainly due to that. My skin doesn’t hurt because I no longer live in a dry climate and the best part – I’ve been able to decrease the amount of Remicade medication I’m on and increase the length of time between infusions. When I was in Colorado I was taking 5 viles of Remicade every 4 weeks. In the course of a few short months living in Massachusetts, I’m now taking 4 viles of Remicade every 5 weeks. I know that I’m blessed that this medication has worked as long as it has (13 years!!), but the fact that I’ve extended it out even more is tremendous. Oh ya, and I no longer take Restasis. 🙂  I can’t wait to see what the future holds since my life should be tremendously less stressful now that I’m starting to settle in my new home state.

Sick – However, because of all the stress and lack of sleep, I got sick. Not a surprise to me; I knew it was coming. HAHA, and to those who know me when I get sick and start coughing – IT’S BACK!!!  I saw the doctor yesterday and was prescribed doxycycline  as my antibiotic since I’m allergic to two types of antibiotics. Oh joy!! They use this antibiotic to treat malaria. MALARIA!! Heh. Anyway, my lung membrane is inflamed so here’s to a quick recovery since I was suppose to have my Remicade treatment yesterday and have to post-pone it by 3 weeks.

I have so much more to tell you but I promised to keep this brief. Don’t worry though…I’ll be back!

Much Love,


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  1. Congrats on getting through the big move Kelby! So happy you are back here (and healthier!) What a wonderful thing that you can take less medicine and less frequently!! xo


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