OOTD – Arm Candy

I usually gravitate towards dresses and skirts, but right now I don't like my tights. Just thinking about it makes me sweat and have a mini panic attack.

So, today I gravitated towards my pinned stripped pants.

Something I usually save for client meetings, on-site events (when I used to be an event/meeting planner), or interviews.

It's dark when I get up & dark when I get home so I wanted something bright, so hello to yellow! I then picked a contrasting color scarf to brighten my day.

I took the above photo before I left work, in low light so I wouldn't disturb Mr. P. There's a part of me who feels like a fool for sharing (esp since this photo lacks quality) but there's the other side where I've really wanted to share this part of me. I adore clothes and I love trying new ideas with old items. Who knows where this idea will lead, but I've got to at least try.

Especially since most of us who have arthritis have a tremendously difficult time getting up, let alone put ourselves together. I know I typically set my alarm at least 45 minutes before I have to get up. Poor Mr. P.

I'm really excited to have my jewelry back. I tried the arm candy trend and couldn't believe I had that much to play with. I have my mom to thank!

{Hi Mickey!}

I've been reading all of these blogs that say they aren't ready for the holidays or Christmas decorations. You're kidding, right????!!! Please say you are, because I am ready. I'm soooo ready! Nothing like a neighborhood filled with bright lights when there's so little daylight. I honestly wish it would last until February just to make winter blues stay far, far away.