Weekend Treasures

I love it when weekends are productive, yet relaxing. Mr. P. and I had exactly that!

It started off with dinner out on Friday night at Buffalo Wild Wings. I actually tried their wings for the first time and enjoyed them. Mild sauce for me!

On Saturday morning it started off right with a kitty cuddle. Mr. P think its funny that it looks like Mars took a selfie of himself.

…then we went to Sears to see what kind of deals they're having for Black Friday. Not that we really want to spend money, but the washer and dryer that the previous homeowner purchased for us broke. Originally we were going to get his old ones, but they broke right before we moved in, so he replaced them. REALLY NICE GUY! Luckily he put a warranty on it, so we are covered, but its just a “to-do” I really didn't want.

We then went to Home Depot. BUT OF COURSE we were at Home Depot! I was looking at the Christmas trees because mine isn't going to be back in time. Mr. P knows how much I love Christmas and Christmas trees so I was just trying to get an idea if I could have Christmas without going overboard…well, more than normal 😉 Afterall, it's how I knew the house was perfect. 🙂 Can you believe Christmas is in one month??

While I was looking at trees, Mr. P looked at a ride-on-lawn mower for the acre plus worth of land we own. I might even mow the lawn…it has a cupholder!

We then celebrated my dear friend Jen's birthday. We had so much fun! I got her a 12 year old Whiskey and a cupcake from our local bakery. The cupcake looked so good and she said it was AMAZING. I wish I would of taken a photo of it. It was so pretty and 'turtle' flavor too. MMMMMMmmmmm!

On Sunday, we tried a new-to-us restaurant and I had quail. Mr. P had duck. We then went antique shopping. We're trying to find a shelving unit that has doors to contain the 7 large boxes of games we own. I want them in my living room because I have the space, I just don't want them displayed. We didn't find one, but we did find this beauty…

This my friend is going in my bedroom!!! YAY!!! It needs painting, a little wiring and then BAM… up it goes. I can't wait!

We also saw this Blue Print from 1908…


We ended the weekend watching the Bronco game. Although I would prefer that they won, I'm a die-hard fan…in good times and in bad. So much so that my friends at work said “How are you holding up?”

What can I say, I let my love of Orange shine. 🙂

What did you do this past weekend?



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