A Classic

You guys!!

You guys!! Something amazing, incredible, and fantastic happened last night.

Mr. P and I watched a movie. LOL! However, it wasn’t just any movie. It wasn’t even a Christmas movie!

It’s a classic 80’s movie. A movie that, at the time, was beyond the capabilities of what any other movie had ever done before with CG and animation. It’s also a movie I’ve been petrified of seeing since I saw glimpses of it when I was 6.

Can you guess what movie we saw?

We saw…


Silly, right?


Yes, I’ve been absolutely afraid of this little guy since I was 6. Mostly because the only pieces I saw of the movie was when Gertie (Drew Barrymore) first saw E.T. and screamed her head off. Then when Elliott (Henry Thomas) and E.T. were trapped in the make-shift home lab with all the wires, mechanics, and buttons all over them. And finally, when everyone was walking through the creepy, yet clear, tunnel between the house and the front yard. The humans looked like aliens to my 6 year old imagination. Plus, I really thought E.T. was the creepiest looking thing ever.

But last night… I concurred a fear! I finally got to see the true magic behind this movie. He’s not creepy looking at all and actually pretty cute.

What movie have you yet to see that you’re afraid of admitting?


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