2013 Peachy Adventures

As 2014 is just hours away, I’m taking a moment to reflect on 2013. And man-oh-man was 2013 a HUGE year for the Peachy family.

January – I packed up 2 suit cases and was Boston Bound for a job opportunity. It was crazy, unpredictable, and started 2013 on a wonderful adventure.

FebruaryMy BFF visited Boston and we explored the city.

March – I was in the middle of “Limbo Land”. I didn’t know whether I was going to live in Massachusetts or move back to Colorado. I was a Finalist for the Ms/Mr Congeniality Award!!

April – It was official, Massachusetts was to be my new home state. I found a doctor and I went to the Blog Better Boston Event and met some amazing ladies.

May – A huge month!! I started to explore more by visiting the Minuteman Trail with a dear friend. It was my birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, and I took a week off for vacation. I went back to Denver to celebrate that I was the Adult Honoree for the Denver Arthritis Walk and celebrated my baby sister graduating college. We also started packing the house!

June – I realized how much I missed Mr. P and the fact that we were embarking on yet another long distance relationship. I began my house hunt – we all know how that went!

July – I started my Green Smoothie Adventures. Who knew that 6 months later I would still be drinking them and signed up for their new challenge starting tomorrow! I bought my first pair of high heels in 5 years and built some fantastic yellow shelves to showcase my shoes. I also went to Bristol, RI and had an amazing time with my BFF.

August – I really started to give up on finding a house and my hope was dwindling. We found a house next to a gun range and found another house whose realtor refused to put in our offer.

September – We finally found the perfect house and our offer was accepted!! I got to guest blog for Massage Envy and it was AMAZING!! I visited Rockport, MA with my dear friend. I moved out of my apartment and some friends let me crash at their place until it was time to move.

OctoberWe closed on our house and moved! We finished packing our entire house and then drove across the country in 4 days. I ran my first 5k and officially shared that my health has drastically changed since moving out east.

November – Mars finally arrived and I was soaking up all of the kitty snuggles I could get. I changed my blog layout and updated my about page. I started to blog about my OOTD and started to explore my local town.

December – I posted another OOTD and I watched E.T. for the first time in my life!! I also found the most empowering message I’ve ever seen and shared it with you. As I close this month out and going through a year worth of blog posts, I realized that the letter I wrote to my future house and all the wishes I wanted actually came true.

May 2014 be a little less emotional and more adventurous! I’m looking forward to this year probably more than some of the others. More on that tomorrow!