2014 Commitments

Well, a week has come and gone since I last posted and I had every intention on writing more. However, I got really busy. And not really the type of busy you blog about. I can’t say we’ve been on  adventures, explored a new city, or tried something new. We’ve been busy doing the “OMG we’ve lived in our house for 3 months and we still have boxes EVERYWHERE! Oh, and we’re hosting a New Year’s Eve Party too. Oh CRAP! Time to clean.”

It’s clean, that’s for sure. Just don’t go into our basement. I did the other day and really regretted it. I thought we made some fantastic progress and then the basement. Guess what project is on our “To-Do” list this weekend? Uh-huh.

However, I took the opportunity to really reflect on what I wanted my new year resolutions to be. I asked questions like “What kind of commitments would I like for myself? How often can I accomplish them? And what change do I want to see?” I finally figured out what they are and I’m happy to share them.

1) House. One day in October I was reading my blog roll when I came upon this post by Young House Love regarding Phase 1 Projects. A light bulb went off. I then shared it with Mr. P and his light bulb went off. I have no intention of living in a “construction house”. I did that. I did that for 7 years. It didn’t work and I hated every damn minute of it. So, I’ve refused to do a “construction house” or any “major project” for a least a year. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t do some Phase 1 projects around the house. If you don’t believe me on Phase 1 projects, check out their recent Phase 1 projects with their kitchen here and here. I want to do them room by room and I’d really like to do them before the nice weather returns. Especially remove the wall paper that’s been there since probably 1957. But first, we must start, and finish, putting away the office (after all, tax season is quickly approaching) and then the basement. So, we have some work to do before we move to even “Phase 1”. For now, I’ll share one of my favorite house photos and leaving you hanging for some more. 🙂 [PS – please excuse the quality. I took these using my iPhone at 7:30pm on NYE before my guests arrived. It is what it is. :)]


2) Health. We all know the benefits I encountered by moving (even with the stress) so I’m really looking forward to what 2014 is going to bring. My main focus is strengthening and toning. I want my muscles to support my joints. Although I ran two 5ks in the fall, I really lost a lot of my strength and it’s something I want to get back. I signed up for The Becky Rocker 30 Day Challenge and that’s been quite the test to say the least. Especially when Mr. P is my coach and won’t let me cheat on my form. By the way, push-ups are super hard. OMG are they hard. So are burpees. And if you don’t know what a burpee is, check this out. They’re a beast too. I have however, appreciated a good workout in the middle of this freeze. Nothing warms me up like a good Yoga session, Zumba Dance, or Planks. See?


I also am in the middle of 30 Day Simple Green Smoothie Challenge by SimpleGreenSmoothies.com. We all know I did one back in July and LOVED it. I’ve really enjoyed this month’s one so far and more than I thought I would of given the fact that we’re in the middle of winter and I usually don’t crave a cold drink. However, I can already tell that I have a ton more energy and I’m not suffering from the post-holiday-OMG-its-still-winter-out depression like I usually do. Who knows, it might still creep up on me since we just started winter, but I’m hopeful. Best part about these two 30 Day Challenges, other than they compliment one another really well? They’re both FREE!!


3) Adventures. I’m in a new state and new region of the country and it would be a shame not to explore it. I want to go to the beach more in the summer. I want to go Maine and have a lobster roll. I want to go to the smallest state in the country and actually walk around their downtown. I also really want to go to downtown Boston and explore the history. Maybe even a baseball game! I have a lot of wants, but in truth, I have the perfect partner to explore them with. 🙂

4) Spirituality. This is something I debated for a long time on whether to share this. Ever since December 2012, I’ve become more aware at how Jesus has impacted my life and helped me through 2013. Every time I stopped, reflected on my life, asked for guidance from Him, and let Him guide my path, I’ve not only become a more patience person, but I’ve also really respected the relationship I’ve developed. As you know, things got really, really tough when I was trying to find a job. I literally was at my breaking point and started to lose hope. I then prayed, asked for guidance, and put my trust in His hands. Low and behold, less than week later things started to happen. GOOD things. I got a job in Boston. Then it happened again with the house. It got extremely tough and I did start to lose hope and once again, I prayed, asked for guidance and put my trust in His hands. TA-DA! Therefore, I really want to do what I can to thank Him for the blessings he provided in my life. I don’t want this blog to become a place of preach or anything like that. I just want to find a church (that has the same beliefs as me) where I can go and thank Him for at least an hour out of my week.


5) Reading. I plan to read at least 1 book a month or a total of 12 books a year. To some, that may seem, well, really pathetic. And honestly, I agree! I can literally count the number of books I read last year on one hand and quite frankly that’s really sad. Really, really sad for those of you who love books. It’s something I want to change and I think 12 is a good number. Anyway, now that I’m taking the train on a more consistent basis, I think this goal is more than doable. Plus, it will keep me accountable for taking the train. WIN-WIN!

And that’s it.

Do you make commitments to yourself? Resolutions? Do make a long list like I did a few years ago? Or short and sweet like this one?



2 thoughts on “2014 Commitments

  1. Sounds like a great plan! It’s funny, I’ve grown up in this region and I’ve yet to explore that it offers. Guess I’ve just taken it for granted. House projects are always so hard. I’ve been saying for the last year that I wanted to start organizing things so I can donate shoes. The boxes are there, yet are empty. Good luck with your resolutions!


    • I completely understand this one! If I buy a new pair of shoes an old pair must go. So, I’ve started separating my shoes out by season, so I maximize the space and shoes!! 🙂


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