Throwback Thursday – American Football Training 101


It’s Throwback Thursday and what better way to celebrate than to showcase how long I’ve been a Bronco fan – 29 years and counting! Not even a year old and I’m already celebrating. I mean, look at those CHEEKS!!! OK, OK, the cheeks are the same. 🙂

If you haven’t heard, there’s a huge game on Sunday – New England Patriots verse the Denver Broncos. Now, I’m not going to talk about why you should root for the Broncos or how I’m still representing Bronco Country in Patriot Land, but I thought it would be a good time to explain American Football.

I’m no expert, however I think every woman should have the opportunity to watch the game and actually understand it. Who did I learn the game from? My mother. 🙂 She taught me a few simple steps and I fell in love with the game. I went from my mother’s quick trick to understanding why quarter backs are so important, what a running back does, and finally figured out what a “2 point conversion” was. So, for those women wanting to understand the game, have the pleasure of yelling at the TV, and actually watching the Super Bowl for the game instead of the commercials, here’s what my mother taught me:

Each time the offense team is on the field trying to score, they have 4 tries to go 10 yards or more. They call the 4 tries “downs”. So the display on the screen will show “1st and 10”. It means they are on their first try and have 10 yards to go. You will see it go to “2nd and 7” – second try and 7 yards to go or “2nd and 1” – second try and 1 yard to go. If they make it to 10 yards, their tries downs start all over. So it can go from “3rd and 7” to “1st and 10”. All it means is that they were able to get the ball past their 10 yard goal. If the player goes more than 10 yards, the downs always start back at 1 until they reach the goal line. If they are within 10 yards from the goal line it will then say “1st and goal” – first try to hit goal! So, how do you know where that 10 yard line is? They’ve made this really easy by adding a wonderful yellow line. That’s the line they need to pass for their downs to start all over again. I love that yellow line.

The end. Simple, right?

Now, it does get more complicated than that, but that’s the foundation. So, if you’re interested in watching a really good game, I recommend watching the Broncos verse Patriots this Sunday, January 19th at 3pm EST.

Do you watch American Football? Does your family watch it? What team is your favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game!

AND because I can’t say it enough…


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One thought on “Throwback Thursday – American Football Training 101

  1. Glad you gave your mother full credit. Your little sister is beginning to catch on now too. We’ll be watching on Sun. Believe it or not, I can hear you yell all the way from Patriot country. Do miss watching the game with you. Have a great week-end!


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