Friday Favorites – Confidence


one: facebook // two: My RoadID Bracelet // three: Mars, the cat // four: Emma Watson Quote // five: Mr. P and me

Just a few of my favorite finds this week and some of the family. 🙂 It was a pretty lackluster week since it’s been bitterly cold around here. I just want to hibernate.

one: I saw this on Facebook and knew I had to save the recipe for later. I love Girl Scout Cookies, especially Samoas. Yum!

two: you may have seen on instagram that my RoadID bracelet arrived a few weeks ago. I’ve worn it everyday and I’m very grateful for the wonderful Christmas gift my daddy gave me. The nurse at my infusion recognized it and said that was probably the smartest decision, especially since I’m allergic to two common antibiotics.

three: my cat Mars. He’s been so snuggly lately and finding all of the warm spots in the house. The poor dear will have competition soon because I’m picking up the other two next weekend. I can’t wait for the family to be back together. Mars is probably not as excited as I am.

four: I love Emma Watson and I love this quote. I like the idea that we don’t need to reveal ourselves to feel confident. An empowered woman is one who finds confidence in her inner light, in the knowledge of who she is. Something that most of us woman struggle with obviously in the summer with all of the images of half naked woman on beaches in every magazine, but I think more so in the winter. Because we are wearing thick, big sweaters.

five: It’s been a while since Mr. P and I took a picture together. It was time.

What were some of your favorites this past week?

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