Funday Monday – Real Conference Call

I had a pretty productive, yet-nothing-too-exciting weekend. I bought two new pair of boots with my 2nd place winning in Fantasy Football. MAN, OH MAN, I LOVE SHOES!! I also began to get things ready for my trip back to Denver like laundry, confirming plans, and blog posts.

We also spent the weekend fighting Sears trying to get a resolution to our washer and dryer dilemma. It’s nothing too serious, just a headache that should of been resolved before Thanksgiving. Guess what?! We’re approaching February!! Regardless, I think we finally reached a solution and will share later.

I also went to church on Sunday for the second time and found out that their beliefs didn’t match mine. I was furious and very upset Sunday morning after church because I couldn’t believe how closed minded they were. It took me completely by surprise. Oh well! Onto the next one! That was my uneventful weekend.

However, I’m pretty excited for this week and for the upcoming weekend. So, let’s focus on the positive outlook that this week will bring, okay?


This Funday Monday video may be a little too realistic! If you’ve ever been on a conference call, you will relate. Especially if 2:02 has ever happened to you! Now, every time I’m on a conference call, I can’t help but think of this video and giggle.

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