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{1} Laundry! // {2} Itinerary // {3} Trail Mix // {4} Cosmetic Bag // {5} Gummy Vitamins

On Friday, I leave for Denver to pick up the rest of my furry family {Orion and Pluto} and I can’t wait to see them, hug them, and snuggle with them. But first, I have to get there! There’s nothing worse than trying to cram in your last-minute shopping, laundry, and packing in less than 24 hours. It only leads to a horrible night sleep, an arthritis flare, and a grumpy first day of vacation. WHO WANTS THAT?! NOT ME!! Which is why I PLAN. I’ve learned the more I plan, the less arthritis flares I have. Think of the “7 Ps”: PROPER PRIOR PLANNING PREVENTS PISS POOR PRODUCTION.  Now, since I have “travel” on the brain, I thought I would share some travel prep tips.

{1} The weekend before, I like to review what the weather is going to be like at my final destination and prepare my outfits for my trip. The last thing I want is to try to cram 4 loads of laundry the night before I leave. However, if there’s other laundry that needs doing, I will include it. Why? I love coming home without the hassle of knowing I have to do laundry.

{2} Plan out your Itinerary. Did you make plans to visit friends? Did you confirm location and time? Did you figure out where you’re going to park at the airport? Starting an itinerary will help with your packing but also ensure you have enough cash for the necessary items as well.

{3} Plan your snacks. You never know when you’ll have the ability to grab something to eat, and relying on the airline to give it to you, is risky. Whether you’re going to make your own snacks, like a trail mix recipe, or purchase them – they both require a trip to the grocery store.

{4} Pack your Cosmetic Bag. This is one of the easiest tips I can give you. A week before I leave, I start packing my cosmetic bag and use it until I leave. This includes make-up, contacts and contact solution, and toiletries like q-tips and tissues. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my face lotion or deodorant at home because I don’t usually keep it in my cosmetic bag.

{5} I’ve already discussed how much I love gummy vitamins, but don’t forget to pack your medications. Planning this out at least a week in advance ensures you’re not forgetting that one pesky medication or vitamin but also ensuring you have enough!

What travel prep tips do you have?

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2 thoughts on “travel prep

  1. I have forgotten my sleeping pills the last 3 times I’ve left town. NOTHING worse than getting to your destination and not being able to sleep. Also determine if your host has washer-dryer facilities. This includes any hotels you might stay at.

    See you soon.


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