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{1} Backpack // {2}  Water bottle // {3} Scarf // {4} Hand Sanitizer // {5} Entertainment

Yesterday I gave you some travel prep tips. Today I’m going to share my flight essentials!

{1} Backpack. Or a rolling bag. I’ve seen so many blogs who showcase an adorable over-the-shoulder bag. My question to them – have you ever carried that through the airport on your shoulder from gate-to-gate? I did once to be “fashionable” and ended up with the largest bruise and red welt on my shoulder. It hurt the whole time and I was miserable. I had no relief because I had to continue to carry it around my whole trip.  From then on, I’ve always had either a backpack, or for business trips, a rolling bag. For my backpack, I like something with two thick straps. It evens the weight on my back and eases the load. Also, if I can’t lift the backpack with one one arm I know I’ve packed too much. UNLOAD! You don’t need that much stuff. I also like packing my purse in my other carry-on bag or checked bag. This allows me to pack my wallet into my backpack and claim my “backpack” as a personal item.

{2} Water bottle. This is one of my favorite tricks. You can take a water bottle with you through security as long as its empty. Just fill it up on the other side. If you prefer filtered water, check out the bopple water bottle. I’ve heard great things, but for me personally, I don’t mind drinking fountain water. I love this trick because it not only saves you money (who really wants to spend $2 to $3 at the airport on water?!!} but because you can use your water bottle during your entire trip to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is key, especially on the airplanes. And if I haven’t convinced you enough to at least get on the airplane with water, listen up. One of my friends got stuck on the tarmac and they refused to pass out drinks…for 4 hours. Don’t get stuck without something to drink!

{3} Scarf. Bigger the better. We all know the true purpose of a scarf. No, not keeping warm….as a pillow! Or as a mask to keep those pesky germs away, or as blanket! I’ve even used it to tie suitcases together because I was missing a strap. Or even as a whip…just kidding! I will even wear a scarf in the middle of summer. Planes are cold and those pesky airlines never increase the temperature in the cabin.

{4} Hand Sanitizer. I don’t like going crazy with hand sanitizer, but I am a firm believer in using it on the airplanes. Think about it…when was the last time they really cleaned that little knob on the tray? Or the window screen? Sure they “wipe” the seat from grime and make sure the pockets are empty, but I’ve never seen them go through the airplane with a Clorox wipe. Know your surroundings and prepare yourself.

{5} Entertainment. The last one is a gimmie and a little too obvious. I love reading a magazine during take-off and even during the safety instructions session! Don’t be a hater…you do it too. If its a long flight and they don’t supply a movie, I’ll download one ahead of time or a few episodes of my favorite tv series. iPad or tablet of some kind is great for games and if you get WiFi on your plane, even better! If you’re smart, you’ll download your movie onto your iPad. There’s an idea! 😉 Also, don’t forget the chapstick. With all of that cool, blowing air, it really dries out your skin…including your lips!

What flight essentials do you carry?

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  1. I take food since I am always dubious about what the flight may offer. Mostly nuts and chocolate just in case. My water bottle is nice and flat and fits in my purse. Oh and I always take eyedrops


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