Friday Favorites – New Clothes





{1} Satin Dress // {2} Fitted Top // {3} Sweater // {4} Skirt

The other day I was in the mood to go clothes shopping, but it was snowing over an inch an hour outside. So, I went online shopping. Although I adore clothes and have a closet full of them, I’m still hesitant to shop online for them. My body is a not a “standard” shape. I’m short torso, long legs, petite, and squishy in the middle. I’m working on the squishy part, but the other areas are permanent – something I’m still learning to embrace. However, I’m a sucker for a good deal. H& deals were too good not to partake.

I hope to wear items {1, 2, & 4} during the month of March since its not quite winter and not quite spring. I like buying items where I can get the most mileage per wear. Which is probably why my winter wardrobe is far greater than my summer wardrobe because I love layering. For example, I hope to wear {1 and 4} with a pair of tights. For item {2}, I just need to add cardigan or jacket. Remove those items and you’re ready for a sunny spring day.

As far as item {3}, who wouldn’t want that polka dot sweater? I’m just thinking of myself in it with a pair of leggings, puffy socks, and a cup of hot cocoa. Winter’s always a little more bearable with new clothes, don’t you agree?

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ps – thank you so much for your kind words, encouragement, and concern regarding yesterdays post. I’m feeling much better thanks to my Remicade medication and a 90 minute massage.