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It’s back! The infamous date night recap posts. If you’ve missed the others, definitely check out the others located on the “Date Night Ideas” Page. But a quick re-cap, it’s pre-planned, (mostly) pre-paid date that occurs once a month. In 2011, I created 6 of them for Mr. P’s birthday to finish out the year. We loved them so much we decided to bring them back and therefore you get the pleasure of hearing about them.

For the month of February, we started things off right by attending the Boston Wine Expo. I heard about this great event from some fellow passengers when I was traveling with my cats. And although as much as I really wanted to attend the entire expo, I knew my body couldn’t handle that much walking and standing in one day. So, what was a girl to do [especially when wine was involved]??!! Attend a separate session, of course! BUT, I wanted to ensure we got the most out of this date (and for my buck), so I signed us up for a wine tasting.

This was not just any wine tasting; it was a World-Wide Wine Adventure. The summary stated, “Spanning the globe in search of delicious grapes and their wines. We’ll make stops on five continents (no passports required) and sample world-famous classics as well as outstanding local heroes. All the wines offer outstanding value for money, but that does not mean we’ll be traveling on the cheap. Presented by Wine Spectator’s director of education, Gloria Maroti Frazee, this fun and educational adventure is great for beginners and experienced wine lovers alike.” I can tell you we definitely weren’t disappointed.



If you both love wine and you’re looking for an awesome date, definitely look into some wine tasting classes. I already signed up for our next one which I found through Groupon.

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    • you should! each of you could pre-pay for a girls night out once a month. someone is assigned the task of organizing it and you just go. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. Definitely let me know if you do it!



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