20 Q&A

One of my favorite bloggers, Alaina from SoAlaina.com posted this. She was inspired by another blogger and I loved her answers to the Q&A session. I thought it would be a good filler for this little blog mostly because nothing is really going on right now. Well, unless you count the piles of laundry and the dreaded taxes. If you do, you’re crazy.


1. what brings you the greatest joy? Mr. P’s forehead kisses, {Pluto} following me until he gets a cuddle, and making gifts using my sewing machine.
2. what are your vices? ice cream.
3. what’s on your nightstand? Lamp, Vintage Vases, iPad, Magazines, Kindle, and Flowers
4. do you have a secret talent? i can wiggle both ears simultaneously and individually.
5. what is your greatest indulgence? coffee. any kind. it can be a latte, an iced coffee, or a simple cup of joe. I love coffee.
6. what should every woman try at least once in her life? travel by herself. There’s nothing more empowering than exploring some where new on your own. This also includes being comfortable having a meal as one.
7. what makes you laugh? Anything with Robin Williams which is why I adore the show “The Crazy Ones”. But being tickled also does the trick.
8. what is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? i own two houses before the age of 30. i’m still surprised about this.
9. what is on your bucket list? go to Australia.
10. what is on your feet right now? Christmas socks and Boots
11. how did you make your first dollar? probably my first lemonade stand, chores around the house, and babysitting
12. what superstition do you believe in? find a penny, pick it up…all day long you’ll have good luck.
13. what items in your closet do you wear the most? my shoes. i love my shoes.
14. what is the best gift you’ve ever received? probably the hot air balloon trip Mr. P did when we got engaged.
15. what is on your liquor shelf? Peach bubbly champagne my friend Jenn bought for New Years Eve.
16. what is on your kitchen counter? My blender. At least that’s the only thing I pay attention to in the kitchen.
17. what would you never leave home without? my cell phone, wallet, and keys. it’s my mental checklist i do every time before I leave.
18. what movie has the greatest ending? David Lee’s The Butler. A great ‘ah ha’ moment at the end. it wasn’t unexpected, but a great way to end the story.
19. who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party? Lauren Conrad because of her amazing talents to follow her dreams and be an inspiration to young woman, Anna James of FashBoulevard who started off as a blogger and now works with Lauren Conrad and Giuliana Rancic, Sonia Sotomayor – Associate Justice of The Supreme Court of the United States and author of My Beloved World, and Sheryl Sandberg author of Lean In and COO of Facebook. I’d love to pick their brains!
20. what is one thing you wish you had known when you were younger? give it everything you’ve got. great things will follow.

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