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Mr. P and I are going to England for my father-in-law’s wedding in two weeks. It’s been 7 years since the last time, which is non-sense considering Mr. P is British. Oh well! Regardless, we’re very excited to have the opportunity go back, but it brings a lot to-do’s. 🙂

One of my to-do’s is to fill the “gap” while I am gone on this blog. So, please be my guest! I’ll continue my Funday Monday posts and my Friday Favorites (unless someone really wants to do those!), but it’s the days in between that are a little harder to fulfill.

As you know, I write what I’m capable of doing in spite of arthritis. However, you don’t have to have arthritis in order to participate. My arthritis is only a small portion of my daily life and quite honestly, I’d like to keep it that way because it means I’m doing well…health wise. 🙂 So, calling all bloggers!

I’m looking for bloggers who have an interest in adventures, cooking/baking, health, or have their own health story, working out, fashion, wine, want to do a giveaway, a DIY, or just have a story they want to tell. You’ll have the opportunity to get in front of my awesome 1,456 followers (and counting!) and of course, you’ll get full credit and I’ll link back to your blog. I’m hoping to get all of this set-up before March 22nd, so please email me – or contact me through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Google+.

Please, be my guest?

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