throwback thursday – circa 2004



Mr. P and I are currently in the middle of planning our adventure back to England, but I had to take a moment to reflect on the first time I met Mr. P. It was a lovely June day in Chester, United Kingdom. Back in 2004.

You guys, that was almost… 10 years ago!!

My, oh my, have we changed. And not changed. But changed. I just turned 20, my hair was blonde, and I was still in college. WOW! Mr. P now has a fuzzy face, crossed the globe for me AND THEN crossed the country for me. I’m so blessed that over the past 10 years I’ve had my best friend by my side.

Over the course of 10 years, we embarked on two long distance relationships. The first one was 3 years long, over 7 time zones, and over 7,000 miles apart. The second one was just last year, lasted over 10 months, just 2 time zones , and about 2,000 miles apart. We’ve bought two houses together, gone through multiple renovations, dealt with appliance issues, and house floods. We’ve dealt with car accidents, health stuff, and of course the insurance claims that go along with it. We were adopted by {Mars}, then adopted the {Three Stooges}, and then all of their fun stories, and then moving them too.

Oh, we still know we’re young whippersnappers. But we’ve been through the wars and still coming out the other side stronger than ever. Who knew that this picture would bring back so many wonderful memories, (even if some were painful at the time) but I wouldn’t change any of it. NOT. ONE. BIT.

Do you have photos that bring back a flood of memories? Even if those memories aren’t necessarily attached to said photo?

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