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guestbloggerI’ve returned back from England and Italy and will be back with you shortly! In the meantime, here’s an article written by Heather Hewitt who is a writer for Shutterfly! I love the article she wrote called “Nine Ways to Display Your Favorite Family Photos.” If you are like me, I’m always looking for ways to showcase my photos when decorating and I can’t wait to print mine from my vacation. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy!


Nine Ways to Display Your Favorite Family Photos

Photos are a wonderful way to relive your memories. Most of us take pictures throughout the year, but often times those photos end up staying on our phones or cameras, or uploaded to albums on our social media sites. While that’s all well and good, it’s also nice to have physical prints of your favorite memories. Printing and framing your favorite family photos are a great option, but what if you want some fresh ideas for displaying them? Here are nine great ways to show off your photos around your home and elsewhere.

  1. Photo books. Instead of sticking the photos in a box that gets pushed under the bed or set in the attic, why not create a fun photo book each year? Compile all of your favorite photos from big events throughout the year and then keep the most current book on your coffee table for guests to thumb through. You can keep the rest on any easily accessible bookshelf.
  2. Curved glass prints. Create a collage of your favorite memories and place the finished product on a side table or your desk at work. Shutterfly Curved Glass Prints
  3. Mugs. Whether you use a travel mug when you head out to work or drink your daily cup of Joe at home, decorate your drinkware with your favorite family photos.
  4. Ornaments. Create a new one for every year, and put it up on the Christmas tree as a family. It will be fun to pull out the ever-growing box of ornaments and reminisce every year.
  5. Home décor. Who says you have to decorate with simple patterns and colors? Personalize your home accessories with pillows, blankets, and other décor featuring photos of you and yours.
  6. Canvas and acrylic prints. Looking for a way for your photos to pop? Try creating canvas or acrylic prints. Your home can look like an art gallery, with your precious family as the featured attraction. Shutterfly Acrylic Prints - Family
  7. Wall decals. A fun way to decorate – especially in your kids’ room or playroom – is to design your own wall decals using your favorite family photos.
  8. iPhone or iPad cases. Splash your family’s photos all over your phone or tablet case and take them with you wherever you go!
  9. Table runners and placemats. You can really get creative with this one, designing table runners and placemats for every season. Ask the kids to help you pick their favorites and assist with the basic colors and design.

Use any of these ideas or come up with your own ways to display the best family photos you’ve got. Regardless of what you choose, spend time choosing the perfect photos that will help you reminisce in years to come.

Author Bio: Heather Hewitt is a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys connecting people with thoughtful products, services and ideas as they relate to crafting, photography, gift giving and personal expression.

arrow Thanks Health for the great post! Some who are close to me know that I have one of my wedding photos as my iPhone case. I actually bought it over a year ago from Shutterfly and added it as an extra when I completed my Wedding Photo Book. To this day, I still get compliments on it. Bonus – my iPhone is still intact, the protection is great, and I can still hold my iPhone in one of my small hands. I’m thinking of updating it with one of my recent photos from Italy!!

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