Wedding Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite wedding photos I was able to grab with my little iPhone camera. It wouldn’t be a wedding without a dress rehearsal. I think this photo is hilarious since it looks like Mr. P had an angel’s presence over him. I think he planned this on purpose’; that little devil!! HAHAHA! Just kidding. Um, this picture is also missing a family member. Poor Rob was cut off. He’s in the bottom left of this picture. Not even his phone made it! The rest of ours did. HA!


Part of my responsibility for the wedding was to give a reading (ST JOHN, CHAPTER 2, VERSES 1-11). I was an absolute nervous butterfly since I knew the moment I spoke people would recognize I was an American. Something I’m proud of, but I wanted to be sure I pronounced things the “English way” and make my new family proud. Here I am presenting my reading…mid-sentence.


I absolutely adore this photo of me and my sister (in-law). We just finished with the wedding ceremony and were waiting for our next steps. It was the perfect time for a selfie. Something I was in charge of the entire vacation!


I can’t believe the sun was out! It was glorious.


I just love the photo bomb of the smiling lady in the background of this picture. HAHA!


Mr. P, the Best Man, and my sister, a bridesmaid, were at the head table.  I was not, so it was the perfect opportunity to grab photos. Such a great photo of these two!


I love how the light shines on them perfectly.


I had to get a picture of this. This is where all the lovely wedding cards were kept. So smart, too cute, and so English.


Let’s try getting another picture of the three of us. This time without the photo-bomb-smiling-lady.


And a few more selfies because it was fun and Mr. P was willing. However, it was quite the process of getting one. Here’s a collage to demonstrate the difficulty/fun we had. Of course, I didn’t think twice about the lighting. It must’ve been good wine!


A great wedding day! I’m so blessed to have new family!! I can’t wait to see the professional wedding photos. 🙂

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One thought on “Wedding Favorites

  1. Hi Kelby

    I love these photos! Hilarious pic of the smiling lady photobomber – her name is Jan and she is a member of my drama group. I can’t wait to tell her she is now famous! The professional ones are now with us on a memory stick, and we are in the process of uploading them to Dropbox so that our families can see them.

    Your reading was perfect and, as I thought, your accent made sure that people took in everything that you were saying. It was lovely to meet you and I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay with us, and had a great trip to Italy as well, before returning to all the snow. Hopefully the warmer weather will be with you soon. We have had a lovely sunny week.

    A very happy Easter to you and Chris.

    Love and best wishes

    Sue x


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