Mum’s Day

I had the privilege and honor spending Mother’s Day with my Mum. In England, they celebrate Mother’s Day in March and yet we have the same Father’s Day. Because if it wasn’t confusing enough. 🙂 Try finding a Mother’s Day card in March in the States. IMPOSSIBLE!!


We took some pictures in my Mum’s English backyard. We realized it’s been since my wedding that we took photos of us together. ALMOST 7 YEARS AGO!!

Starting on the right: Mum, Mr. P, Anna, Caroline, me, and Nan. I love the little gnome and birdhouse in the background. Can you spot them?


Mr. P, Mum, and Caroline:


This is so cute! Taken with my Mum’s camera. 🙂


These two are goofballs. They were trying to determine who was taller. HAHAHAHA!


The girls!


Me and my Mum!


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2 thoughts on “Mum’s Day

  1. It’s lovely to see you enjoying time in my home country and especially with your family.
    On a totally different note – the post yesterday I have a Bialetti Italian stove top coffee pot. It makes really good espresso! It comes in different sizes, two cup, three cup and so on.
    Lorna x


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