My 30th Birthday Gift – A Gondola Ride

Gondola Ride

I will never forget my first Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy.  A special surprise Mr. P set-up for my 30th birthday (which, if you didn’t know already, is today!!). So, it’s only appropriate to share one of my fondest memories of my trip on my special day.


Mr. P knew that a Gondola Ride was a top “to-do” for me in Venice. However, we didn’t expect it to be one of the first things we’d do once we got there. Afterall, we had fresh legs for the day! However, I’m glad we did. Why? The sun was crisp, the sky was crystal clear, and the crowds were meager. Perfect opportunity for romance and picture taking! As we crossed the Grand Canal, it was amazing to see this precious city impacted by the sea water. So much corrosion, yet so beautiful and authentic. We learned that the the Venetians have abandoned all ground floors of every building because of their uninhabitable nature due to the rising sea level and high tides.





Venice consists of about 120 separate islands connected with over 120 different bridges. Some of the small ones were my favorite.


Our gondolier was an apprentice for four years before he made it his profession.


And remember the selfie promise? Perfect shot, if I do say so myself!


He has my heart…


and one more for good measure!


We had an amazing time and highly recommend participating in this tradition. Just perfetto!



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