Florence, Italy | Part 1

Sick of Italy yet? I sure hope not!! I’m only halfway through our trip and I’ve skipped all of the small towns we stopped along the way! I do have to say that I’m really grateful I have all of these stories and photos to share right now because nothing new is going on. Well, except I did something to my right ankle on Friday during my run. The outer tendons near my ankle are very sore and I’m limping. Don’t worry though…I’ve taken it easy and its getting better each day, but man-oh-man the weather is just perfect for a run. I hope to just skip this week (4.5 miles!) and go straight to next week (5 miles!!). Here’s hoping this injury doesn’t stop me from running that 10k in early June.

Anyway, that’s about it, so let’s return back to Italy, shall we?

Florence, Italy. Anyone watch Da Vinci’s Demons? Da Vinci’s Demons is an American historical fantasy drama series that presents a fictional account of Leonardo da Vinci’s early life on STARZ. I LOVE THIS SHOW! Mr. P and I LOVE THIS SHOW. So, why am I talking about this show when I should be talking about Florence, Italy? Well, they’re related. The show is based in Florence, Italy during its peak time and I couldn’t stop but think about that show. HAHA!


Let’s start by talking about the Facade and Bascilica. Located in Piazza del Duomo, includes the Baptistery and Giotto’s Campanile. The Basilica is one of Italy’s largest churches. The Facade is the outside portion of the building. Carved marble, hand painted paintings, and metal craftsmanship. CRAZY, CRAZY DETAIL. The top left picture is of the inside of the dome or also known as the Duomo, which is hollow…


This crazy, bizarre, and marvelous dome. The dome was one of the largest in the world until modern era caught up to it. It remains to this day the largest brick dome ever constructed. EVER! There was a fabulous documentary on NOVA (a PBS show) about how they’re still trying to figure out how the designer/architect, Filippo Brunelleschi created this. You see, unlike Leonardo da Vinci, he didn’t leave any paperwork behind. No notes and was super secretive. He’d only share his plans as it was built and then quickly destroy the evidence. Sneaky!!

The weird part, I didn’t see this documentary before I left, but Mr. P did. He was telling me all about how Mr. Brunelleschi came up with the herringbone pattern and used string to construct the dome. The hollow dome!

Enough said. Let’s get to the pictures. However, do keep in mind we’re on top of Giotto’s Campanile (the tower) to get these stunning pictures of the Duomo.


There’s nothing more hilarious than having tourists come up to you and ask questions as to why we’re staring at a brick herringbone pattern. They just went to the top, took a few photos, and then went back down. They didn’t know the amazing power behind this genius! So, it was very entertaining seeing Mr. P educate tourists. 🙂 IMG_9129

It took 6 tries to get this selfie. I will spare you the other 5. However, do you see all the people on top of the Duomo??? Yup, we went there next. MORE STAIRS!! No elevator. Lots and lots of stairs.

This is the view from the Duomo and you can see Giotto’s Campanile (the tower), where we just were. Still with me??


Now, on top of the Duomo you get awesome, creative pictures like this:

IMG_9144and this…





Needless to say we had a great time in Florence that it deserves a Part 2! Stay tuned for Part 2 which includes Michelangelo’s David.


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