Leaning Tower of Pisa

I remember learning about the Leaning Tower of Pisa in 5th grade and was told it wouldn’t be standing by the time I was 30. Thanks to modern technology, it was saved and I got to experience it. It was surreal!


Of course, we had to get the obligatory tourist shot. That’s what you do when you visit. You take as many random photos of either holding the Tower of Pisa or Pushing the Tower of Pisa. And thanks to Mr. P, we got some really awesome shots (no editing required!)…even though I couldn’t comprehend the geometry.


And let’s not forget about the selfie…with a photo bomber.

first pic: you could tell I could see her slowly creeping into my photo. // second pic: here she comes. // third pic: TA-DA!!



So, I gave up the idea of Mr. P over my shoulder and did this instead.


Okay, now I’ll show you the pictures Mr. P collected of the Tower…without us in them.


IMG_9209  P1000844

I absolutely loved going to the top of the Tower. It was like walking in a fun house. As you climb the stairs it would tilt, get narrow, level out, and then expand. It was the strangest sensation. The easiest way to describe it to you, is tp show you a picture of the stairs.


Do you see how it’s worn out on the right side? Well, that’s because the tower is leaning and it’s the only safe place to step! Crazy, right?

Well, here’s how strange it was at the top with the views.  The picture on the left is level with the ground. The picture on the right is level with the Tower of Pisa.


Do you see how crooked the mountains look? All of the buildings are leaning left!!!

Here’s another example. Look at the bells, in particular.


All, in all, it was a spectacular site to see!


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2 thoughts on “Leaning Tower of Pisa

  1. I love Italy! Been to a few places but last year I took a trip to Florence with my history class from Uni! We flew into Pisa (I didn’t get to visit the leaning tower but I saw it) but Florence is the most beautiful city full of history!! Did you get a chance to visit?

    XO, G from grace’d


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