Rome, Italy | Coliseum

Well, we’ve finally made it to Rome!! Sorry about the long delay in getting these pictures posted. The last few weeks I’ve been going through Mr. P’s photos to find the best ones! You see, I ran out of room on my iPhone during this portion of our trip! I was deleting old photos (mostly of my green smoothies!) to make room for a few selfies and panoramic photos. We spent a total of two days in Rome and were non-stop on our feet! So, let’s start at the Coliseum. | Rome, Italy | Coliseum

It’s an elliptical amphitheater in the center of the city of Rome, Italy. Built of concrete and stone, it was the largest of its kind during the Roman Empire. It’s considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering! It’s still the largest amphitheater in the world with an estimated ability to hold 50,000-80,000 spectators. | Rome, Italy | Coliseum

The history behind it is wonderful. The portion in the middle (seen above) was under ground where all the animals and slaves worked to put on a vast majority of productions. It used to have a ceiling (seen below) where most of the spectators could cool off from a hot summer day. | Rome, Italy | Coliseum

We bought the Rick Steve’s Italy 2014 guide book, complete with audio tours and just happened to include the Coliseum. Something we used during our entire trip while in Italy! More about that later, especially since I know you’re really here for the pictures! 🙂 It’s okay, let’s admit our problem. 😉

Here’s some pictures of the inside: | Rome, Italy | Coliseum | Rome, Italy | Coliseum

and the outside… | Rome, Italy | Coliseum | Rome, Italy | Coliseum | Rome, Italy | Coliseum

While I was going through the pictures, I realized I took over 21 selfies trying to get a “good one” of the Peachys’ in front of the Coliseum. The light was against me. The crowds were against me. Even my attitude was against me! So, I’m sharing them because they are kind of hilarious…and who doesn’t love a good #selfie story!

This is picture #3, which had the best light on the Coliseum, and would’ve been perfect if I smiled. However, we were being pushed by several other tourists who wanted the spot. If you go, stand your ground, and get that shot! | Rome, Italy | Coliseum

This is picture #10. A nice shiny forehead brought to you by me! But probably my favorite out of the two of us. | Rome, Italy | Coliseum

This is picture #11. Not a bad picture of us, but a washed out Coliseum. Boo! | Rome, Italy | Coliseum

And #17. This one made me giggle because by this time I was sick of taking them and Mr. P was over it. Hence our cheesy grins. | Rome, Italy | Coliseum

So I tried 4 more times and gave up. Mr. P went wandering to get a couple of cool shots which you saw earlier in this post. I went towards the sun, on the outside of the Coliseum and just took one more. | Rome, Italy | Coliseum

Which #selfie picture was your favorite?? 🙂

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