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Doyle Reservation, located in the city of Leominster (pronounced “Lemon-ster” or in England “Lemp-ster”), Massachusetts. It’s a 170-acre landscaped urband park and open space reservation. The property consists of three main areas: Pierce Meadow, a landscaped urban park and former estate of Harry W. Pierce; the Doyle Center grounds, buildings, and adjoining woodlots; and a hay field and adjoining wetland. This place had every quintessential aspect of New England: green grass, green trees, ponds, river walks, and stone walls.

The Doyle Community Park was acquired as a gift of Louise I. Doyle in 1981. Additional lands were acquired in six purchases from 1991 to 2001. Reservation parking lots are located on Lindell Avenue. The property is open to walking, cross country skiing, picnicing, nature study, and dog walking. There are 3.5 miles of walking trails throughout the reservation. Do keep in mind that this place is a little buggy this time of year, so bring your bug repellent!

Obviously we took advantage of this great space with at least one pup! We’re looking forward to going back with all three! But overall, Mizar approved!

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  1. Be careful. Vines around tree might be poison oak. That’s how Dad got infected–taking down the vines. I can’t tell from the picture.


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