Date Night: Mini Golf!


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Last Sunday, Mr. P and I embarked on our July 2014 Date Night…MINI GOLF! It was pouring rain all day, but there was a nice break in the weather, so we quickly went to Sterling, MA to golf at Mulligan’s Mini Golf. Although they only have one set of 18 holes, it included a “spinner” at various courses to make it more fun. When one was available, each team member must spin and must do what it says. Some of them include putting with your hand or using the wrong end of your club for every shot. It definitely made it entertaining and I could definitely see us doing it again with a bunch of friends.

Mr. P and I also added a new rule…every time our ball bumped into one another we had to kiss. We call it “The Love Bump”. After all, this is date night. 🙂

We love Mini Golf because its a great outdoor activity, anyone can participate (no skill required!), and its easy on the joints!

I’m proud to say I got a hole-in-one on course number 3 (hence the fun, yet awkward photo of me) and of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hold a flag! It’s the color guard girl in me… 🙂

And the last picture, well, I was trying to convince Mr. P to take a selfie with me. He refused because his hair was a mess. Umm??

So, you get one of me and one with Mr. P’s forehead in the top left corner. 🙂

Do you Mini Golf? Would you add Mini Golf to your date night package?

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3 thoughts on “Date Night: Mini Golf!

  1. My wife won’t play mini golf with me. Apparently she’s had several mini-golf dates in the past, and they all went horribly wrong. We’ve played once in 6 years, and that was with friends. Not exactly sure what she thinks will happen after 4 years of marriage…


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