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Sorry for the lack of posts and communication. Last Tuesday I experienced an arthritis flare which lasted over 96 hours. I experienced pain in my left hip, lower back and for the first time in my left shoulder, left elbow, neck, and my jaw. This is the longest a flare has lasted since my diagnosis 14 years ago.


Now, if you know me, I’m pretty extremely stoic, so expressing my pain is difficult for me. However, its just one more reason as to why I’m raising funds to find a CURE. I’m not cured of arthritis and and this flare definitely proves that I’m far from it. Please take a moment and make a donation to my fundraising page for Arthritis Foundation’s signature event “Walk to Cure Arthritis”. I’m 31 days away from my walk and I’ve raised 69% of my goal. I’m doing everything I can to make a BIG impact on the disease. I’d love it if you could make a donation.

Here’s a video I created to show you why its so important to me! 🙂

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PS: Can someone please explain to me why I blog about arthritis if I’m stoic?? HA HA! 🙂


One thought on “Walk to CURE Arthritis

  1. Thought you might find this “mixing” of terms interesting. Re: scoliosis

    Degenerative: Unlike the other forms of scoliosis that are found in children and teens, degenerative scoliosis occurs in older adults. It is caused by changes in the spine due to arthritis known as spondylosis. Weakening of the normal ligaments and other soft tissues of the spine combined with abnormal bone spurs can lead to an abnormal curvature of the spine. The spine can also be affected by osteoporosis, vertebral compression fractures, and disc degeneration.

    From: http://www.medicinenet.com/scoliosis/article.htm
    So…I guess I might have found out why. Just watch yourself…not that you don’t.

    Wish I could go to Maine!


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