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What can I say? The last eight weeks have been a true test of my patience. In some ways my health has improved and in other ways I feel like I’m taking three steps forward and two back.

So, let’s back up a bit, okay? After my flare, I decided to take my health a little more seriously. A wake-up call, if you will. Leading up to my flare, I was facing some pretty strong indigestion and heart burn issues with no relief. Waking up at 2am every morning with an insane amount of pressure in my chest wasn’t fun and was starting to get really, really old. So, to combat the heart burn and the arthritis flare, I started a food diary. I use MyFitnessPal to see what food I’m eating, to see how many calories I was eating, and to track how much exercise I was really obtaining.

I realized I wasn’t exercising as much as I thought I was – barely two days a week! And I was eating way more calories than I should be and weighing the most I ever have. I also noticed I was eating very few vegetables and fruit. I was on a downward spiral and FAST! And my body was warning me.

So, I adjusted it. It took about a week to adjust but I started to feel relief. The saying “You are what you eat” really is TRUE!

Then, I increased my exercise. I started with three days a week until I was consistent and now I’m up to 6 days a week. I mix in running, yoga, biking, and yes, even cleaning. Take it where you can get it! Also, at the beginning of October, I’m participating in Betty Rocker’s 30 day Bodyweight Challenge. I had amazing results when I participated in January and I was bummed I missed the May challenge because of my ankle. So, I’m looking to ROCK this challenge again. ROCKTOBER!! 🙂

The positive side of it is that was able to run 5 miles a few weeks ago. My furthest distance without any issues. My goal was to run four and I surprised myself by running 5. PT helped me recover from my ankle injury and let’s not forget the trusty KT Tape. I love that stuff. I use KT Tape whenever I’m feeling a little unsteady or a spring of pain randomly appears. I look up the “how-to” video on YouTube and presto – you have instructions that really work. So, needless to say I’m back in action! | Blog | Arthritis Advocate

Although I get to see the PT again for a new issue – actually its an old issue – my hip is bothering me again. At least this time it didn’t take 6 weeks to be referred over to a PT specialist. I would like to thank my persistence for this. 🙂 I’m hopeful that PT will work because of the progress I made with my ankle. So, I’m doing what I can including resting and exercising. I’ve even taped my hip flexor muscle with KT tape to help relieve the pain. Told you…obsessed.

I’m also going to see a Lipid specialist within the next few weeks. My bad and good cholesterol levels are really, really high. I’ve been on a medication called “Lopid” for at least 4 years and my doctor is telling me my numbers aren’t changing. Ugh. Which means its time to see a specialist given my family history with heart disease, my auto-immune disease (ankylosing spondylitis!) and my Remicade medication. At least they’re looking out for me, but really, another specialist? Dr. Lipid it is!

I’m scared but I’m glad I have my food diary to prove to the doctor I’m eating a well balanced diet. Come on 30! I was really excited about you and all I seem to be doing is falling apart. Oi!

What are you doing to help improve your health?

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