World Arthritis Day – #secondsmatter


For someone living with arthritis seconds turn to minutes, and minutes can turn to hours in the battle to get by in everyday life. We all know I’ve tried my best to EXPLAIN IT, but how do you show this?

Well, Premier Care in Bathing UK did just this and it’s BRILLIANT! The video follows a set of twins, one wearing a simulation arthritis suit and the other who does not. It highlights comparatively the struggles arthritis sufferers endure doing simple tasks like getting out of bed, brushing their teeth, and putting sugar in their hot drink.


The moment I finished watching this video I grabbed the box of issues to wipe away the tears and then wrote this post. Help me spread the awareness on Sunday, October 12th that #SecondsMatter. Because the daily struggle is REAL and every second matters.

So, let’s ask the question – what do seconds mean to you? Tweet @PremierCareUK and @PeachyPains and include the hashtag: #secondsmatter with your response!

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This post was created in collaboration with Premier Care in Bathing UK, but I was not compensated in anyway to share this video. Why? Because I truly think this video is brilliant. All of the thoughts and opinions are as always, mine alone.